Bad actors, copycats and bots

Youtube is very scarce with words. “Bad actors” are mentioned as a reason to act. In short, if you’re unable to maintain a relatively high retention time, your channel will not be eligible for the partner program, to monetize your videos.

But who or what are these “bad actors”? How they operate? How large of a problem is Youtube dealing with?

An educated guess is that these new restrictions are implemented because the criminals have learned to use bots – To provide videos to youtube – by which they get money from Google adsense.

This is a tough subject, as it involves criminal activity. Therefore it could be that Google is tight lipped because they fear copycats.

Is there a hidden war going on? Between the platform and the bots that are abusing it?

As before, nothing is said on the quantity and scale of the problem. How extensive is the use of the bots? Have there been some advances, making the bots do more, faster. Making the bots even bigger of a threat?

What is the current ratio in videos and views on human vs bots? I was first mislead to think that these “bad actors” were fellow humans simply copying other’s content. That happen a lot too, but what is the quantity of that? One would assume that the bots are the real threat.

From Google’s POV the publishing bots are far more dangerous than the view count increasing bots? The fake videos lessen the preferred organic views on the platform, as the fake views, well, those essentially bring money to the platform. Once again, organic would be better, but…

Then the key factor from the criminal’s POV would be that which is easier to hide.

Wouldn’t the most surefire way to get money (from Google) be that you provide both, the video and the views?

The bots could easily flood up both the video providing as well as the video consuming sides. The problem is, that the companies paying up the advertisements are only interested in the organic views.

When ever bots are the topic of conversation, the stock market is where the bots were created from and for. Is it not so that the stock market has been taken away from humans many years ago? Meaning that the majority of the buying and the selling is taking place between bots?

The more effective the malicious bots become, the more draconian measure will be taken against them. The tragic part is,  that the victims will include sometimes even larger amounts of innocent human users than the guilty bots that the measures were put against in the first place.

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