The hyper social video content creator

Or, the things you simply have to learn to embrace as a video content creator.

In the old days of celluloid, there was no dialogue with the director and the audience, other than one-sidedly, through the movie itself, from director to the audience, until the next one came to theaters.

Now, the digital video content creator is in a continuous and open dialogue with the audience, before, during and after your video creation.

This is so not merely because it is now technically possible, but also because the line between members of the audience and sponsors is also blurring. The creator has a few major sponsors but now they are accompanied by thousands of “micro sponsors” people who support the work of the creator with a small, nominal fee through paypal or patreon.

The social creators will eat away the less social colleagues from the market. The social interaction serves as a superior marketing tool as it gives a sense of participation to the audience.

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