Kubrick never taught no one.

Some things can be taught, but those things you most likely already know and have, the obvious, simple and universal stuff. By your natural inclination, general interests and hobbies.

Most things cannot and should not be taught. Unfortunately. That is a problem because;

A: Teachers want to get paid, so they teach things they know they shouldn’t. And hide that by being overly vague and general.

B: Students want to get quick results, so they enroll to classes they know they should not. The dream of becoming a fully fledged content creator by being fed, like a duckling, generalizations in a classroom, yeah, it would be far less painful, the shortcut to happiness.

You have to find and choose your own tools and methods, by trial and error.

You cannot walk the (jungle)path someone else cleared for you, and take only the right steps, efficiently.

You are expected to mess up, be ridiculed and get your backside burnt, time and time again.

Kubrick could have dissected his own work in order to teach others, but he would have ended up only watering down his own works. Explaining them to death.

Why would you repeat what Kubrick did, when even he could not do it?

Schools have a troublesome tendency to emphasize rules. Trying to uphold too many rules is what is hindering you as a video content creator. Especially now, as the rulebooks of content creation have never been more speedily re-written.

Obeying rules makes you predictable, which almost inevitably makes your content boring.

Being boring is by far the biggest sin any content creator can do.

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