Mission statement

Vidtoolz is creating videos on video storytelling. Serving the fellow video content creator on the road of self expression.

Vidtoolz is searching for value and utility by offering actionable tools and solutions.

Vidtoolz is exploring and analyzing the challenges and innovations. New tools, better working methods and workflows of video storytelling, with practical video examples.

Vidtoolz is enlarging our common understanding, giving a wider scope and perspective on video storytelling.

Vidtoolz is modern, relevant and trustworthy knowledge on video storytelling.

Vidtoolz is documenting, testing and experimenting on video storytelling.

Vidtoolz is searching for connections and differing points of views on current, trending video concepts.

Offering criticism and development of ideas, phenomenons, tools, methods, trends, careers, innovations of emotion and intellect stirring video storytelling.

Vidtoolz is aiming for honesty, opposing the marketing, PR-people, sellers. Avoiding exaggeration, belittlement and polarization (to “noobs” and “pros”)

Vidtoolz is dissecting larger concepts of video storytelling and how they concretize in the creating process.

Vidtoolz is focusing on the joy of creation and bringing ideas to life. Focusing on what’s working. Showing what is possible in the current environment, with the current tech, as a onemanband.

Vidtoolz is focusing on the creators place in the rapidly changing environment among the trends, platforms, sponsors and the audiences. Each having their own, conflicting needs. As well as on the pros and cons of working as a ”onemanband.” Doing more with less resources.

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