Net neutrality vs. Capitalism.

Or Gojira vs. King Kong.

For you to make sense of net neutrality, you would first have to form a clear stance on capitalism.

I don’t have that. Capitalism is such a wide and complex issue. That is my excuse.

As political views are tightly married to this tangle, many things are willfully chosen not to be understood or seen.

The basic elements of the internet and its functionality – those are also lost from the majority.

The lack of technical understanding on how the internet really works.

Therefore, too many, too essential cause-effect elements remain hidden from the majority of people.

Third difficulty is that as this is about the rules of the game, we cannot see into the future, how those rules will be implemented.

Fourth challenge is the vastness of the subject. It is actually harmful to use the term net neutrality. It is so vast that in practical terms it means nothing. It should be taken apart, and then taken apart again. Only then could there be place for some rational discussion.

The same would apply to capitalism. Would it ever be fruitful for anyone to talk about it as a whole? Most likely not. Only when one takes it apart, brings some elements of it into the real world, with concrete examples, then there is a possibility to begin a rational discussion that might actually bring some results to its participants.

Net neutrality is a huge thing. And a very important thing. Therefore, stop talking about it. Using that word. Deconstruct it. And if you are unable to do that, then I say it’s time for you and me to start to educate ourselves!

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