Will the majority of video content creators share the same fate as musicians?

David Bowie predicted in 2002 interview that music would become like tap water or electricity.  Now it’s videos turn to go through the same fate?

The owners, the markets seem to want this. For if you want to purchase a high quality copy of a music album, there exists no option for that. None of the major platforms sell audio in FLAC format, with sufficiently high bitdepth and bitrate etc. It would be very easy to do so, but the markets have clearly decided it is not beneficial for them to do so. The market men are quick to comment that the market share for people even wanting this is too low. But that is more of an excuse than an answer.

Selling the music is too difficult, as it’s sharing is so easy and widespread in the internet. In the future it will be technically even more easy and widespread, unless of course, the governments start to apply restrictions. Initially that would sound like a bad idea…

Only the gatekeepers of the internet platforms get entrance fee income from consumers.

Content creators get nothing from the consumers, as content is so easy to share in the internet. It is assumed to be “free” by the consumer.

So the only income left to the content creators is to give one’s personal time and physical presence (face-to-face) to a limited and selected audience: live gig’s.

And the life of a touring artist? The money is in small bits and far apart. One is forced to travel.

In a “circus” where the owner of the circus/platform gets all the income from the ticket sales and then gives what he seems fit to the performers in his stable?

Are we now in a cosolidation phase, where there will be fewer and fewer content platforms and content creators? Until all the remaining platform will fit inside one user window. If yours don’t fit inside that window, you’re kaput.

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