Who Am I kidding?

To me, the function of this blog is to think the things that I consider to be interesting and relevant, write those thoughts down and publish. I have no time to make sure the stuff I write about is 100% correct. In the world of the internet, speed has won quality 7-0. This means I will do lot’s of mistakes, which I will publish without having any specific knowledge on my blunders. It’s called “getting out from your comfort zone.” Some critical individual (usually colleagues) would call it self-humiliation. But we know better, right? This is me “testing my wings.” In the best scenario, it would take years for me to be able to fly with my content. And it would be naive to believe in “the best.” Continue reading “Who Am I kidding?”

Who is (mr) vidtoolz?

I´m a Finnish, 40 year old guy. I’m married, with two kids and two dogs. As a kid, I thought I was going to be making computer games, until I realized that what really drew me to the world of gaming, was the stories inside the games. Then I set my efforts on becoming some kind of video content creator. The underlying motivation to this is and was the storytelling. To be able to communicate through images and stories.

After school, I wrote a screenplay while living with my parents. I managed to write a full feature film screenplay, which did get some positive responses, but that was it. My juice carton was empty concerning that particular project. Then I was lucky enough to get some random gigs as a video editor and as a cameraman. Continue reading “Who is (mr) vidtoolz?”

Mission statement

Vidtoolz is creating videos on video storytelling. Serving the fellow video content creator on the road of self expression.

Vidtoolz is searching for value and utility by offering actionable tools and solutions.

Vidtoolz is exploring and analyzing the challenges and innovations. New tools, better working methods and workflows of video storytelling, with practical video examples. Continue reading “Mission statement”

Will the majority of video content creators share the same fate as musicians?

David Bowie predicted in 2002 interview that music would become like tap water or electricity.  Now it’s videos turn to go through the same fate?

The owners, the markets seem to want this. For if you want to purchase a high quality copy of a music album, there exists no option for that. None of the major platforms sell audio in FLAC format, with sufficiently high bitdepth and bitrate etc. It would be very easy to do so, but the markets have clearly decided it is not beneficial for them to do so. The market men are quick to comment that the market share for people even wanting this is too low. But that is more of an excuse than an answer. Continue reading “Will the majority of video content creators share the same fate as musicians?”

From hassle to hustle

“When the times and the platforms are uncertain, you diversify.”

Diversifying used to mean that the content creator took a new genre to his repetoir. What a hassle, a lot to learn and all… but it could be that the diversifying of the future will mean something much larger: content creator has to learn to helm completely new fields, he previously would have never even considered as an option. Here in Finland one of the first suggestions of this kind in the media was that postmen could drive the taxi or mow the lawns, to make ends meet. Once again the  Kübler-Ross model came to mind: Continue reading “From hassle to hustle”