Good content has never been more unpopular

Stanley Kubrick, one of my idols, seemed to never make a film out of any other reason than inspiration. Even he didn’t know when his next movies was going to be released and the schedules were notorious for not holding their mark.

The only thing known on what his next movie was going to be about was summed up with “Something completely different.”. It was all about what got him excited personally and inspired him both intellectually and visually. So films were being published at an irregular pace. And to repeat yourself would have been a sin, a waste of time.

Social media has this completely flipped at the moment. It promotes a large scale and non stop flow of content that focuses on only one thing. From well oiled publishing machines to other well oiled answering machines. Why? Because it is the most efficient way to get engagement. And at the moment it is still irrelevant whether this is organic or not. What matters most is the maximum efficiency. It seems there is no place for humans in the future, they are too inefficient. What about content which is based more on inspiration rather than a mere schedule? What about content which is based on a personal artistic vision rather than a compromise by a faceless committee? 

A Kubrick film’s production took time, as much as it required, for it to become a masterpiece. And if it didn’t, the film was not published.

Now in social media, you crank out a post in a strict and short time limit and out it goes, no matter how discontent you personally might be about it.

I’m not crying out to bring back the “good old days” but this current situation is just too forcefully against “The Kubrick method.”

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