In wait for humane platforms

The social media platforms, in their current state, are not made for human beings. Words like moderation and compassion are completely unknown to them.

This is no wonder, as they are unable to cope with even the most basic operations like banning only the spam feeds from their userbase. As a user, it becomes quickly apparent that what you are using is built to be an insatiable machine which cares only about numbers. All focus has been put to gain the maximum engagement time on the platform, this is understandable, but what is not understandable is that this is being realized mainly on the expense of the well being of the users.

The platforms want human interaction and punishes the users if they lend a hand from any bot – at the same time their demands for the users are completely inhuman and their own use of bots is extensive. This goes to show just how deep in the infancy stage we still are with so many things in the internet.

The most rewarded and optimal user for the platforms should be modeled after the most the most prosperous, happy and well-faring user imaginable. Now they want a mindless slave machine dishing out content like a clockwork into a super tight niche, and sticking in that niche until they die.

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