Of interesting wants and relevant needs

It’s not about how good or bad your content is – it much more about the algorithm, it will give your following multiple times more than the quality of your content ever will. Maybe I’m just backwards, anti-change, anti “new things” but I can’t help think that is fundamentally wrong. It is truly not the humans steering the ship, but the algorithm. It is obvious that this is not the natural, organic way. Should it be? The true crime is that if you’re not even aware of this, when you could and should be. More discussion is needed. Away from the Kardashians.

Now that I’m trying to get following in Instagram it is fascinating to realize that it is a choice between marketing and creating. Instagram is forcing the creator to spend half of his time in socializing, ie. marketing. Liking to get likes, commenting to get comments, following to get followers. The time you spend using Instagram is much more valuable to Instagram than the quality of your content.  I mention Instagram, but the same principle logic applies to all social media business and platforms. 

To Instagram, you being a content provider is a secondary thing, the primary thing is that you are a advertising consumer (and spreader and a data source.) This is confusing as the general assumption is the contrary. The image they sell of their platform is beautiful (“hey you, content creator, come to us! We help you gain popularity!”), and the truth is ugly (The only thing you need to do is spend as much of your time with us as you can.)

Attention is money. But attention is worthless without meaning, substance.  Are we participating in a creation of a desert (of the human soul?)

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