Youtube has profound systemic problems- The ship is sinking.

Youtube has been around for many years, and yet it is so new, that many obvious and profound problems materialize only now.

YouTube makes the video content creator responsible of the content of every comment section of every video that he/her has ever published.

This means that if your video comment section contains something (specific words) that the YouTube algorithm has deemed “advertiser unfriendly” your video will not give you any financial gain. i.e. You will be put out of business.

This little change happened pretty much over-night, without any real warning or explanation. This means that the majority of the resources the content creator has to make the videos, goes to the moderation of the comment section, which is vital for the success in YouTube in general. This decreases the status of the content creator even further to the gutter, in which they have firmly been since the birth of YouTube.

Derral Eves recommends creators to outright delete all content that might be hitting the radar of youtube’s algorithm against advertiser unfriendly content. Regardless of how successful a particular video has been over the years. Meaning: resistance is futile.

This is the stuff of nightmares, except that it’s not.

It’s so much easier to always punish the little people, instead of even questioning the system and the validity of it’s workings. It’s the easier path, in the moment, but also very short sighted, the attitude “The system is perfect, and the peons will succumb to anything.

The owners know the system is flawed. They also know that the problems reside in legal matters, so they are not confronting the matters straightforwardly. Added to this, fixing the system would cost a lot of money, and Youtube is sucking too much money as is. It turns out that legal issues seem to be the death of Youtube.

Youtube has a problem and instead of trying to solve it by itself, they try to dish it out to the responsibility and the task of the users. This is clearly an unreasonable amount of work asked from the already underpaid and overworked content creators. The creators are going to abandon the platform, fast. The better the content creator, the faster they run away from the platform.

From now on end, only sponsored content, made for marketing purposes, will be made to the platform.

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