Ministry of truth

“YouTube will add information from Wikipedia to videos about popular conspiracy theories to provide alternative viewpoints on controversial subjects, its CEO said today. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki said that these text boxes, which the company is calling “information cues,” would begin appearing on conspiracy-related videos within the next couple of weeks.” Continue reading “Ministry of truth”

Of interesting wants and relevant needs

It’s not about how good or bad your content is – it much more about the algorithm, it will give your following multiple times more than the quality of your content ever will. Maybe I’m just backwards, anti-change, anti “new things” but I can’t help think that is fundamentally wrong. It is truly not the humans steering the ship, but the algorithm. It is obvious that this is not the natural, organic way. Should it be? The true crime is that if you’re not even aware of this, when you could and should be. More discussion is needed. Away from the Kardashians. Continue reading “Of interesting wants and relevant needs”

There’s a pattern emerging

This image is about Paypal, but sadly, in general terms, it would apply also to the majority of the social platforms:

1. Patreon having no clue about accounts being hacked,

2. Youtube blindly demonetizing videos,

3. Linkedin having huge number of fake accounts…



Panasonic GH5 HLG – Video image outperforms photo image!

The 6k HLG (hybrid log gamma) has amazing difference in the dynamic range when you compare it to the 4k 60fps version. That is the impression from the screen of the camera and from my monitor, when looking at the original clips. So, the technical supremacy is undisputed, but it could still be that the 4k 60fps is more suitable IF you are making content solely to youtube… Continue reading “Panasonic GH5 HLG – Video image outperforms photo image!”