Youtube has profound systemic problems- The ship is sinking.

Youtube has been around for many years, and yet it is so new, that many obvious and profound problems materialize only now.

YouTube makes the video content creator responsible of the content of every comment section of every video that he/her has ever published.

This means that if your video comment section contains something (specific words) that the YouTube algorithm has deemed “advertiser unfriendly” your video will not give you any financial gain. i.e. You will be put out of business.

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Who Am I kidding?

To me, the function of this blog is to think the things that I consider to be interesting and relevant, write those thoughts down and publish. I have no time to make sure the stuff I write about is 100% correct. In the world of the internet, speed has won quality 7-0. This means I will do lot’s of mistakes, which I will publish without having any specific knowledge on my blunders. It’s called “getting out from your comfort zone.” Some critical individual (usually colleagues) would call it self-humiliation. But we know better, right? This is me “testing my wings.” In the best scenario, it would take years for me to be able to fly with my content. And it would be naive to believe in “the best.” Continue reading “Who Am I kidding?”

Real money from fake attention?

Youtube video by the channel Veritasium, suggest that a social media company, which name starts with an F, gets a big chunk of it’s income from fake profiles, fake likes, fake attention. That content is amazing, and what is much more amazing is the upheaval it has not stirred up.

Bank sites most likely have very small number of fake identities as users. Fake identities would cause the banks more harm than good, eat up their credibility and trustworthiness. Therefore the registration and signup processes are much more robust than those of any social media platform. Continue reading “Real money from fake attention?”

Who is (mr) vidtoolz?

I´m a Finnish, 40 year old guy. I’m married, with two kids and two dogs. As a kid, I thought I was going to be making computer games, until I realized that what really drew me to the world of gaming, was the stories inside the games. Then I set my efforts on becoming some kind of video content creator. The underlying motivation to this is and was the storytelling. To be able to communicate through images and stories.

After school, I wrote a screenplay while living with my parents. I managed to write a full feature film screenplay, which did get some positive responses, but that was it. My juice carton was empty concerning that particular project. Then I was lucky enough to get some random gigs as a video editor and as a cameraman. Continue reading “Who is (mr) vidtoolz?”

Being a content creator on Youtube.

Youtube being cost-free means it is being ingested with such amounts of video, that the sensible editing of the material (by competent persons) would become too expensive. All they have are clumsy automations and algorithms which might end up causing more harm than good. The automations give more help short term, but probably more harm in the long run as too many content creators are being handled with injustice again and again. Mainly by demonetizing content without giving any idea why such a measure has been implemented.

Youtube is not a regular business, even in the new media landscape. If it was, there would be competitors, similar to it in the market. There is not. Youtube is to it’s owners is a money losing testing ground. Their main goal is to gather data. On user behaviour, what works and what doesn’t. What could be profitable, etc. Continue reading “Being a content creator on Youtube.”

The state of things, or making sense of the new media landscape.

The current media landscape is from the audience’s point of view exciting, platforms see it as stormy and content creators often as simply scary. Legacy media is like a stable ship. Understandably they don’t want to jump to the new media, which is almost guaranteed to be a very unstable. Things are most likely going to change many times in the near future.

The platform has and should have a big influence on what is being defined as good content. Therefore it is unpleasant for a content creator to know that in five years, all the platforms will be different. How am I able to create good content when I cannot trust the platform will be there for me? Continue reading “The state of things, or making sense of the new media landscape.”