Why the yellow press hates video content?

Short version: They don’t want pay multiple times more money for the production of the content while having no prospects on getting more views as a result. You cant expect a good shoemaker to suddenly start to make  equally good complete suits and still only get the same amount of money as what he got from a pair of shoes.

The owners of the yellow press are not stupid, so they are well aware that their video offerings with terrible playback reliability and sometimes over one minute pre-roll ad’s are simply unwatchable. Continue reading “Why the yellow press hates video content?”

Mission statement

Vidtoolz is creating videos on video storytelling. Serving the fellow video content creator on the road of self expression.

Vidtoolz is searching for value and utility by offering actionable tools and solutions.

Vidtoolz is exploring and analyzing the challenges and innovations. New tools, better working methods and workflows of video storytelling, with practical video examples. Continue reading “Mission statement”

Many of us, (un)knowingly, still live in the past.

There’s journalist A who writes brilliant news articles. From him to the public.

And then there is journalist B, who is part of a four member team with a graphic designer, a media journalist and a video editor. The end result, the video, is from the journalist’s point of view, a list of compromises.

Many journalists dream of being the A-type, an independent creator, free from the opinions and demands of most people. One vision, as untouched as possible, depending only on his individual skill and effort. There’s no one to hold him back during the creation process. Continue reading “Many of us, (un)knowingly, still live in the past.”

Will the majority of video content creators share the same fate as musicians?

David Bowie predicted in 2002 interview that music would become like tap water or electricity.  Now it’s videos turn to go through the same fate?

The owners, the markets seem to want this. For if you want to purchase a high quality copy of a music album, there exists no option for that. None of the major platforms sell audio in FLAC format, with sufficiently high bitdepth and bitrate etc. It would be very easy to do so, but the markets have clearly decided it is not beneficial for them to do so. The market men are quick to comment that the market share for people even wanting this is too low. But that is more of an excuse than an answer. Continue reading “Will the majority of video content creators share the same fate as musicians?”

Upgrading options on gear are often misleading dreams concocted by the marketing department.

People nag about not having the option to upgrade their gear. But the faster the tech evolves, the more useless the option to upgrade becomes. There are also fewer reasons to fix any tech because everything is progressing so fast

PC gear is often bought with the option of future upgradeability – nowadays that option is rarely realized. I upgraded my display card because my 4k/60fps footage from GH5 was not played back flawlessly in Davinci Resolve 14. The playback was almost glitch-free, and the scrubbing could have been smoother. That was the situation with my GTX 970 card. I was setting my hopes on fixing the playback/scrubbing lag by simply upgrading my GPU. Now I can say that was a no go.  Continue reading “Upgrading options on gear are often misleading dreams concocted by the marketing department.”

About my audio test video: GH5 with RSVMX.

So the key finding of the video was summed up in one sentence: “It’s not so much about the quality of the microphone, as it is the quality of the receiving preamps, that affect the end result the most.” and also, the obvious: “If you really want good audio, you have to have good/expensive microphone, good/expensive separate audio recorder and of course, the skill and knowledge to use them both.” and of course, what comes to good audio, it truly is the post production, where it is being made. But still, if the material coming from shooting is sub par, the end result is not going to be “full of aural wonders.”

Continue reading “About my audio test video: GH5 with RSVMX.”

Get Davinci Resolve 14 and double the performance with two graphics cards!? Well, no. Sorry!

The flashing button indicating the playback frame rate in Davinci Resolve  is showing the performance of the GPU, which is kind of misleading, as it is in fact the CPU that affects the playback the most. Of course the GPU has a key role, as well as the capacity and speed of the RAM and other components.

The way the Resolve utilizes the GPU’s, might be the best in the market, but I had, as a home desktop user, a dream of combining the power of two display cards… Can you use two graphics cards? Yes. Can you make the card work on the same task, i.e. combine the power of two cards? No. I guess the dream would be a videoeditor with an SLI support. I would switch camps in a heartbeat. But the SLI support is weak even on big budget games so, I won’t hold my breath to get it on any videoeditor anytime soon… Continue reading “Get Davinci Resolve 14 and double the performance with two graphics cards!? Well, no. Sorry!”

Soap opera starring: Platform – Viewer – Creator – Advertiser

Facebook in the beginning: your post reached your friends. That was simply a cool thing to have.

After a while: it was official that your post reached only some of your friends.

Then Facebook announced that as time goes by, it will restrict the reach of your posts with an ever growing force. You don’t have to guess why this is so: to get more space to the paid posts i.e. advertising. Continue reading “Soap opera starring: Platform – Viewer – Creator – Advertiser”

From hassle to hustle

“When the times and the platforms are uncertain, you diversify.”

Diversifying used to mean that the content creator took a new genre to his repetoir. What a hassle, a lot to learn and all… but it could be that the diversifying of the future will mean something much larger: content creator has to learn to helm completely new fields, he previously would have never even considered as an option. Here in Finland one of the first suggestions of this kind in the media was that postmen could drive the taxi or mow the lawns, to make ends meet. Once again the  Kübler-Ross model came to mind: Continue reading “From hassle to hustle”