All you need to do is ask!

Somebody posted my video on his channel. This got me thinking about what should I do about it. Should i feel flattered that someone saw it worthwhile to choose my content to be shared; or should i feel angry for someone using my content without my permission…

One thing is for sure, good manners are usually very easy to uphold, but they can go a LONG way. If the poster had asked me one question: could he post my video – I would have said sure, go ahead, but now that he was unable to ask this one short question from me, I thought the only appropriate thing was to report this violation of my copyright. This is a lesson for myself too; never ever underestimate the power of good manners. They might occasionally seem a bit trivial, but believe me, us being humans, they’re far from trivial. This is vidtoolz signing out by asking you to be more kind and respecting to your fellow men. Have a good one.

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