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The idea of mobility is very appealing, and in the camera department, the dream of mobile quality is being realized in great leaps. But when it comes to post production, no computing power is enough for post processing and at this moment, the power offered by a desktop solution, is roughly double of any reasonable laptop solution currently available.

Location independent video editing tools for making high quality videos – that sentence is still more of an oxymoron. If you want to be champion in speed, all you need is resources. Thereby that solution is not recommendable. Where we should aim for is quality and trust. Those arenas cannot be conquered with sheer mass and brute force only. the most optimal workflow at the moment is that you shoot your material with mobile camera and transfer the video to a desktop pc for editing. This is vidtoolz signing out, being sorry for killing your workflow utopias by being honest. You have a good one.

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