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Patreon is essentially a paywall for your content. it´s reason to exist is the fact that it offers it´s paywall in a tiered form. You get to choose, your personal level of excitement and ability, the amount of money which you consider to be fitting to any given content or creator.

Thereby it’s rather obvious that Patreon did not rise to it’s current state by the merit of its ideas – It rose out of  desperation of the creators, as Youtube suddenly and without a notice, chose to stop funding it´s creators from Adsense, by demonetizing the majority of its content. With the excuse of the moral upset of the advertisers.

What Patreon is offering is a long-held dream of the creators. This dream of a world where the advertiser as the annoying and uneducated middleman between the creator and the audience is no longer necessary. Patreon sells this dream as a viable option for the creators.

The only people funding Patreon, and thereby, the creators, are not the audiences, and they never will be; as we live in a world where increasing amount of content is becoming free. This makes the very idea of a paywall rather ill-fitting. The more content is being pushed available, the less people want to pay for it. The time and attention of the audiences is the only real form of currency to the creators.

Good content requires time, money and effort. The audiences however, have hardships of their own. They don’t want to hear this, as this doesn’t benefit them. They naturally want to have their entertainment as cheaply and easily as possible. The only people who care; who care to be aware of this, are the creators themselves, and on a good day, maybe some members of their closest family and friends.

Patreon offers a sweet dream for the creators, but in the end it’s very little more than a common paywall, and paywalls in this modern world of ours, don’t work.

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