Quality vs. quantity

The media landscape is changing so fast that the only thing we know for certain is that what works this year, most likely wont work next year. The creators have reacted to this volatility by starting to increase their volume – When they don’t know, what form is the winner, they create as quickly, as much content as they possibly can.

Sadly, this leads to decreased quality. The majority of content creators are now fully betting on quantity, which results in a daily flood of very similar and generic results. A Creator should remind himself occasionally, that when the quality goes low enough, not even their momma is gonna watch that crap. Netflix being one of the more successful of the current players, has done the opposite, it has a very small catalog of videos but the quality is impeccable. Both in it´s tech as in the content. The more there will be creators competing for the audiences, the more will the significance of quality come into play.

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