Redefining a star

The audiences love big stars; the majority follows will what the majority follows; people don’t have time to process things themselves, at least nothing that comes out from the social media platforms, heck no, that is the one place where they come to relax, rest their poor brains from all the stress.

The majority of the creators show in their content, in their desperate attempts to try to copy the style and content of the big stars; that they are willing to sacrifice pretty much everything, just to get even a small taste of the so called stardom.

The advertisers also love stars as big as they come, as once again,  the less there are players involved, the easier it is to negotiate deals.

The platforms want big star creators, the bigger the star, the less there will be room for others, the less people they have to deal with, thus making the tasks of the platform a lot easier.

All this is true, and yet, I am so very happy to see that the tubes rewind video, with its glorification of the star content, is getting millions of dislikes, and is heavy on its way to become the most hated video in the history of the moving image!

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