The ability to communicate

Some of the greatest failures in life are often caused by the most embarrassingly obvious things. When Martin Scorsese was asked, What is a good film director? He replied: a director makes sure that everybody in the team is making the same movie.

At a quick glance, that sounds almost weird in its simplicity, and yet so very few are actually able to realize that. What he is talking about, is the ability to communicate, the ability to listen to others and to convey your thoughts to others. If you don’t have communicational skills, you will be more of a burden than an asset to any given team. You might have all the special skills and rare talent in the world. But if you´re lacking in the ability to communicate, all that will, for the most part, go to waste. Director has a special skill to construct a movie in his mind, but if he is unable to convey this movie of his mind, to others and thereby into an actionable plan, very little of any significance, will ever be realized.

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