We were given a chance, and we chose not to take it.

Suddenly, by the power of the internet, we could have all become content creators. But did we? I would say that to a surprisingly great extent, we chose not to. And those few that did choose to create, did that in a distinctly generic way, copying the copy. The lacklustre imitation of the evolving trends and styles, with very little signs of any kind of individual thinking involved. The most glaring example being our content in Facebook. We chose to sing and share the praises of our own conventionalism. Instead of evolution, we chose regression.

This being the case, maybe there is no call for tears, as this initial stage of freedom and giveaways, is now in the past. The old ways of business have made an expected comeback: If you have a message, you have to pay to get it to the audiences.

The time period between YouTube’s beginnings (roughly 2007) spanning up to the end of 2017, will remain in the annals of history as a time of abundant, limitless opportunity, of which we sadly chose, for the most part, to not partake. It was in this span of ten years that if one made a video, and published it in YouTube, one was able to gain success simply by the merits of one’s content. There was no middleman of any kind to speak of. It was all about organic growth. The Algorithms were still in their infancy. YouTube was hard at work to make “the middleman” algorithms, but it took a surprisingly long time for them to get there. One could metaphorically say that we were able to get into the movie theater for free, because there was no ticket inspector. Now there is. Organic growth has not lost all of it’s meaning, but one could say that a giant has turned into a dwarf.

Organic growth will continue to play a small role, in the success of any given content, as people are not being stopped from sharing content in their personal feeds, but one can stop to expect to receive any kind of boost from the platforms. Not without some monetary investment, that is. This is the bitter pill for all independent content creators to swallow. There is no room for them in this house.

In practical terms, this means that the content made by corporations with the most money, will reach the widest audiences and that content will be further aggregated. Because it is in fact money, that makes the world go round. And sadly, not the merits of your, or anyone else’s content.

Deep irony lies in the fact that once again, we see this situation only after the fact. I wonder, if the content of this text is nothing more than a useless “cry on spilled milk.”

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