Youtube now declares that…

You are not allowed to utter the word “hell”, or “damn.” or anything “inappropriate.”

You are not allowed to show a kiss, by anyone, to anyone, period. The very word “romance” is strictly verboten.

You are not allowed to show a chocolate or a toy gun. Or even mention that such an abomination might exist (even in your dreams.)

You are not allowed to even mention the word “drug.” Read my lips: there are no drugs, nor have there ever existed.

Even mild dramatized violence is always forbidden. The very though is naturally very, very offensive, and thereby absolutely forbidden.

Physical acts that might contain even a slight possibility of danger are forbidden (crossing the road?)

The very mentioning of a marginalized group, even in a non-hurtful manner, is (naturally) completely forbidden.

Even the mentioning of any and every possibly “sensitive issue” is FORBIDDEN. Subject matters such as death, tragedy and war DO NOT EXIST.

What is not being declared out in the open is the fact that these impossible rules do not apply to the largest, corporate sponsored channels, onto which Youtube has a special relationship, created and being kept alive by vast sums of money and undisclosed insider relationships.

In short, what they now want is to “bring back the good old days.” A company that was long known for it´s progressive aspirations has now been taken over by ultra-conservatives.

After having said all these bitter words – I do have to admit that even as we have been stripped away from the monetization of our content with adsense and the support of the algorithm for our content. There is still no denying that we do still get the huge benefit and pleasure of getting the best (and very expensive) video hosting in the world for our videos, without limitations and for free. And that remains to be nothing short of amazing.

The old youtube was simply not making enough money. Something drastic had to be done.

Youtube wants the advertising money, and the advertisers want their content to the most popular platform, but there is currently one problem with this marriage; the old youtube; the other people’s content. People are very much needed, but they are useful only as consumers, not as independent, equal minds, and least of all, as creators. Consumption is the only job where they should put all of their effort into, in order to make the wheels of economy roll as swiftly as possible.

So, youtube faced a new problem; how to get rid of the old model with it’s vast number of common, independent creators?

As it would be ill advised for anyone to directly out right forbid or censor someone else’s work, Youtube has decided to solve the problem with this set of Kafkaesque rules concerning the content being published through their platform.

So they decided to abandon the old model of supporting and nurturing the common, everyman creator and brought in the model of having a small number of hand picked creators, who are free from the Kafka rules and are now being individually approved by the largest advertisers.

To the individual creators it was like: Make one false step, and some of your videos will be demonetized, (of unfavoured, or given the kiss of death) and thereby all your future videos too, as the whole channel is permanently deemed as being “untrustworthy” and toxic by the all powerful algorithm.

Maybe you could learn to live with the new rules? Don’t worry, you won’t. It is impossible to live by rules that were formed NOT to be understood. – that was the very intention. Don’t you get it? “We don’t want you anymore.”

The one with the money is the one who keeps the carnival lights on, and thereby, being the one who ends up calling the shots. And that one, in  a free market society, ends up being the advertiser.

The biggest steering power to the ship of youtube is with the advertiser. They (naturally) demand moderation on the platform as they want the most optimal performance to their advertisements. They view it as optimization, others as something close to censorship.

Youtube made the mistake of being in the service of people its first ten years. Now youtube has come to its senses and is working in the service the advertiser. I guess they prefer to make money, instead of losing it.

To the advertiser, freedom of speech is an annoying  hindrance, a threat to the realization of the most optimal performance of the advertising.

So, Youtube began to heavily moderate it’s content, even as they knew that it would cause uproar in the audience. It was pure math. They had reached the status of a near monopoly, from which they could make moves which the audience didn’t like, but as the audience had no credible options to exit to, and “vote with their feet”, they would end up prevailing regardless.

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