Youtube now declares that…

You are not allowed to utter the word “hell”, or “damn.” or anything “inappropriate.”

You are not allowed to show a kiss, by anyone, to anyone, period. The very word “romance” is strictly verboten.

You are not allowed to show a chocolate or a toy gun. Or even mention that such an abomination might exist (even in your dreams.)

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Advice on game design from Ron Gilbert

My greatest fascination towards games lies in the stories they contain. Thereby it will come as no surprise that to me, perhaps the greatest game designer on earth is Mr. Ron Gilbert. The designer of games such as the Maniac mansion and the Secret of the Monkey island, just to name a few of his wonderful works.

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We were given a chance, and we chose not to take it.

Suddenly, by the power of the internet, we could have all become content creators. But did we? I would say that to a surprisingly great extent, we chose not to. And those few that did choose to create, did that in a distinctly generic way, copying the copy. The lacklustre imitation of the evolving trends and styles, with very little signs of any kind of individual thinking involved. The most glaring example being our content in Facebook. We chose to sing and share the praises of our own conventionalism. Instead of evolution, we chose regression.

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Redefining a star

The audiences love big stars; the majority follows will what the majority follows; people don’t have time to process things themselves, at least nothing that comes out from the social media platforms, heck no, that is the one place where they come to relax, rest their poor brains from all the stress.

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All you need to do is ask!

Somebody posted my video on his channel. This got me thinking about what should I do about it. Should i feel flattered that someone saw it worthwhile to choose my content to be shared; or should i feel angry for someone using my content without my permission…

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Good & cheap & fast

The idea of mobility is very appealing, and in the camera department, the dream of mobile quality is being realized in great leaps. But when it comes to post production, no computing power is enough for post processing and at this moment, the power offered by a desktop solution, is roughly double of any reasonable laptop solution currently available.

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