Money from the advertisers vs. money from the viewers

The advertisers are fickle and disrespectful and all that, but is the audience any less fickle? Any more respectful? (No.)

The question then remains, for you as a content creator; is it easier for you to tolerate five thousand fools with one euro bill or five fools with a thousand euro bill?

You can strike a deal for one year with a pr “pro” from the advertiser versus trying to have an organized conversation with a mob of thousands, which agrees on nothing. With the maximum deal of 1 month?

Of course you can offer some one-way dictated terms to the public, but for the satisfaction of both parties you need to have the opposite input too. A compromise. It is essentially a deal. And a deal is good, when both parties are feeling slightly uneasy: the sponsor feels he is giving slightly too much money for what he’s getting and the creator feels he is getting slightly too little for what he’s giving. With one way dictation, you are guessing and hoping too much. Most likely what you are offering is not optimal from the viewers point of view.

If someone is complaining that they don’t trust paypal, we have to go to some cheesy western movie, where someone is complaining they don’t trust paper money and would like to pay with solid gold. It’s just goes to show how much in the infancy of the internet we still are. The freemium model of the big companies, (Google in the forefront) have slowed down the progress, of having a widely used paying system, significantly.

The big companies are the biggest enemy of the small companies are they are suffocating the creation and development of new income systems with their own freemium system.

The big companies are spreading the message “you don’t have to pay for anything.” This is the biggest factor in the suffocation of the competition, the smaller companies, which could only survive by getting paid, directly from the customer, for their products. The audiences are cheering, until they are faced with realizing their own position in the system; they are non-persons, they have no vote or say on anything.

That day may come, when your voice would have the need to be heard. Then people are faced with the realization, that first you need to buy yourself a citizenship, the status of a voter, for you to matter even a hairs weight as a human being in this new system on the rise.

Could it be so that in the future, the nations and their lawmakers, are then seen as being to unaware, too uneducated to the occurings in the modern technology and the internet. Are we all sleeping beauty´s? Big systemic changes are being implemented for the benefit of the big companies and thus for the disadvantage everyone else. And we are happily sleeping our “freemium” dream?

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