Videomaker – Social butterfly – Marketer. All-in-one.

  1. The skillset to create awesome video content.
  2. The skillset to create active community around your video content.
  3. The skillset to search, contact and create deals with sponsors.

With diminishing returns, you have to assume that everything is done by you and you only.

You have to make excellent videos. That´s a given, but nowadays that’s only a third of your success.

You have to create, uphold and deal with the community. Socialize, communicate, moderate, react. Accept that other views and opinions are vital to your success as a creator.

You have to deal with the sponsors. Accept that the sponsors are right, even when they are wrong. You don’t want to be 100% right and 100% without a deal.

In pre-production you have to be able to concentrate on two things: write a good script and draw a good storyboard for your video. Find potential sponsors and negotiate deals with them.

In production you have to be able to perform well in front of a camera and make your you shoot that well.

In post-production you edit your video and begin a furious marketing and socializing campaign to give a chance to your video to become a success. Your video is not a success if no one sees it.

Your biggest enemy? The lack of time; to maintain the release consistency.

If you’re not able to ship the product every week on a specific time, you can begin to look for something completely different with a satisfied mind.

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