Who Am I kidding?

To me, the function of this blog is to think the things that I consider to be interesting and relevant, write those thoughts down and publish. I have no time to make sure the stuff I write about is 100% correct. In the world of the internet, speed has won quality 7-0. This means I will do lot’s of mistakes, which I will publish without having any specific knowledge on my blunders. It’s called “getting out from your comfort zone.” Some critical individual (usually colleagues) would call it self-humiliation. But we know better, right? This is me “testing my wings.” In the best scenario, it would take years for me to be able to fly with my content. And it would be naive to believe in “the best.”

What matters  to me the most is that I really like creating videos and text. Having a text or a video published, no matter how flawed someone might consider it to be,  makes me feel mighty giddy inside. Creating  makes me see my life itself as a more worthwhile endeavor.

I have  encountered one truly fascinating phenomena, thankfully at first through other creators I admire: They have “haters” more than they care to count, that’s a given, no matter what and how you do your content. But some haters stood out. They were unrelenting, as if someone was paying them a salary to badmouth some particular content creators:

To my surprise, most of these people were other content creators.

Unfortunately their actions are not based on salary. The hate/negativity/belittling is based on mental instability and insecurity. They develop an obsession on how others should do their job, with what values and methods. Instead of focusing on their own house, which is on fire. We try to ignore the problems we feel we cannot solve or even start to process. We try to cover this up, from ourselves, by attacking/giving stern advice to others on how they should stop being stupid.

Their own lack of success causes them pain and anxiety. So then, to see a fellow creator having success with more or less the same themes and subject matters is probably the worst poison to the stability of their psyche. It proves the painful fact that it could be achievable. Success. And their complete lack of it. They feel they have worked their ass of, with lackluster results. A life in cul-de-sac. The usual, initial gut response is aggression. Belittling.

Most of us are the Salieri’s of content creation. Therefore, it must be so that god made us, (we, the 99%) also the Mozarts of denial and drinking! Cheers!

I will continue to do the best I can, with the cards I get dealt. (Thankfully having a full-time job, with wife, two small kids and two dogs.)

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