Who is (mr) vidtoolz?

I´m a Finnish, 40 year old guy. I’m married, with two kids and two dogs. As a kid, I thought I was going to be making computer games, until I realized that what really drew me to the world of gaming, was the stories inside the games. Then I set my efforts on becoming some kind of video content creator. The underlying motivation to this is and was the storytelling. To be able to communicate through images and stories.

After school, I wrote a screenplay while living with my parents. I managed to write a full feature film screenplay, which did get some positive responses, but that was it. My juice carton was empty concerning that particular project. Then I was lucky enough to get some random gigs as a video editor and as a cameraman.

I have been a production assistant in a theatrically distributed feature film: Geography of fear. I have been an editor in a nationally broadcasted tv-series: Headhunters. I have been a cameraman in a nationally broadcasted documentary: A-report: Inheritance of the veterans. Just to name a few.

Many different methods, different gear, different people, and especially, the times are now quite different too, so much has changed. That said, I feel all of my previous career will remain as valuable knowledge as it gives perspective on things to come. Also, I tend to learn and gain deeper understanding mainly kinetically by actually doing things, first hand.

I gradually started to work more and more in the broadcast television, news and current affairs in. Now, I have been working full-time as a media journalist and a production systems specialist for over a decade.

I get my juices from my job, working in video storytelling, working to help other people. I like the fact that I am called when there’s a problem. I get to think of better ways of doing things in the video workflow. Now, with vidtoolz, I want to expand this to the social media to learn from others and share my own findings. Please, join vidtoolz, for the benefit of all mankind!

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