Being a content creator on Youtube.

Youtube being cost-free means it is being ingested with such amounts of video, that the sensible editing of the material (by competent persons) would become too expensive. All they have are clumsy automations and algorithms which might end up causing more harm than good. The automations give more help short term, but probably more harm in the long run as too many content creators are being handled with injustice again and again. Mainly by demonetizing content without giving any idea why such a measure has been implemented.

Youtube is not a regular business, even in the new media landscape. If it was, there would be competitors, similar to it in the market. There is not. Youtube is to it’s owners is a money losing testing ground. Their main goal is to gather data. On user behaviour, what works and what doesn’t. What could be profitable, etc.

Youtube content creators feel that Youtube through its algorithm is too indifferent towards them. There is no real human interaction between the content creator and the platform. It has been a cause of wonderment to us all, why that is so. Maybe the platform owners knew that the ride was gonna be very rocky, it is a testing ground after all, and that the test subjects, meaning the content creators, would not be happy about the sudden shifts and changes. And should you discuss with a person who is agitated by the continuous changes caused by the platform? No, first they would have to calm down. But that is not going to happen, at least not in the foreseeable future, as the test continue.

Youtube informs some of the more successful content creators that they have assigned a personal contact person to take care of everything between the creator and the platform. That sounds like a solution, but it has turned out they too are what help desks nowadays are: persons with no authority or competence reading aloud paragraphs from manuals provided by google’s search. So from the content creator’s point of view, that is just adding insult to injury.

To calm the content creators, YouTube announced they will assign a personal contact person to help some of the more successful content creators with their channel concerns.  But the powerless help desk only made things worse by displaying pretty much complete ineptitude to actually fix anything.

Algorithm sees only very limited aspects of the content: possible copyright infringements and views, thumbs up, down, minutes watched and that’s about it. Creators feel discontent as the algorithm seems to ignore the other merits of the creators and their contents. YouTube like the algorithm, indifferent to the hardships of the content creators. The only star-creators and hit-content YouTube seems to understand is the numbers.

People seem to be startled by the fact that the algo basically kills content that doesn’t bring money to youtube and promote content That mean there has been a lot of misconceptions about youtube being a business. A tool to it’s owners to net in profit. This is because it hasn’t always been so and now that it is, people have been turning bitter.

Youtube seems to have moved into an emergency mode, meaning that the algorithm has been made stronger to bring Youtube profitable after ten years of experimentation.

The world is not in a unified agreement of the supremacy of Michael Bay as the greatest filmmaker that has ever lived. And yet, from a purely statistical point of view that view could easily be established. His works have piled up more views than most. And let it be said: his contribution to cinema storytelling is little more than a joke. So the main differentiation is the values each of us want to uphold. Values other than money and attention. The same that are the only thing that youtube seems to have.

The youtube algorithm’s primary goal is to feed the audience the most amount of most paid messages while keeping the most of their attention. In that order, of course. a quote from Gary Vaynerchuk concerning Apple inc. “They’re not here to be friendly, they want your fucking money.” In Youtube’s case, they want the advertiser’s money. As in broadcast television, from the platforms point of view, the ”filler” the necessary evil is the content and the advertisements are the main show. The audience sees this naturally vice versa.

Maybe having the big masses is everything, because having that, then enables also some other, more non-mainstream content to co-exist? Meaning that the niche content would not get any views alone, but being accompanied by the most popular content, even the niche get´s some drop-off views from that?

What should youtube do? Understand that the platform will sink if they treat the content creators badly.

What is youtube now doing wrong? Their efforts to please the advertisers by implementing the automated demonetization of content causes more harm than good in the long run.

It’s not so much about ill treatment, it’s about being unfair. Algo de-monetizing content against the rules Youtube itself has presented. Or the fact that Youtube is de-monetizing content based on specific words is simply insane.

Is the change so fast that the old merits no longer exist? And the new ones have not yet reached maturity so that those could be clearly defined?

But I’m just a content creator. What has this got to do with me? One word: diversify. Exist in as many platforms you can. If someone else’s algorithm change could kill your traffic and/or your business model, then you’re already dead. That said, simple existence get’s you nowhere: do not copy-paste. You have to learn the language and quirks of each of the platform and make native content to them. This is also most aptly summarized by the word “quality.” So, creating excellent content is a very demanding starting point. But the skillful versioning of your content to your chosen platforms, makes up to be the biggest mountain to climb.

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