Why do you have to have a website? Isn’t social media presence enough?

You have to have your own (WordPress) website because of searchability. To secure your own (digital) existence.

Making good content is not enough, target audience has to find it too.”

The answer in one word: SEO (search engine optimization.)

It has to live somewhere.

It’s not that the search of any given platform would be insignificant. It’s just that google search is the most important place to be found. By far. And to be found on google search, you must have a place of your own.

Social media existence is essential, but as competing systems are closed from each other, sufficient searchability is not provided by the social media platforms to the content creator.

Therefore, whenever you’re uploading a video to your host, make sure you make a blog post to your own site about it too.

You buy and sell attention. Meaning that for you to do collaboration with someone, his/her biggest reason to embark on that is the attention acquired from your site. No site? Not optimized? No reason. Next.

Good content, well optimized brings views, i.e. attention. This attention is your currency, the gas that keeps your vehicle on the road.

In social media the status of a content creator is something less of a citizen, a person. Big changes against the benefit of the creator can and will happen without any warning. In the value chain of the platform, the content creator is firmly at the bottom. How can this be? Supply and demand.

This is of course only one way to see the situation. Another POV would be that the idea of a person making a living making “the old-fashioned way” meaning that if you do a good product, it will eventually find its market. One kind of content to a one kind of platform, as a full-time job, that dream is becoming more unrealistic by the day.

The idea that you make good content to YouTube, get subs simply by the quality of your content and live with the advertising revenue provided by Google. It would have been nice and simple. But I think by now, it’s safe to say: that dream is no more. I´m sorry for that, but the coming generations probably wont, it is easier for them to accept things as they are, good for them.

Content for contents sake can no longer live as a profession. The success of Netflix goes only to prove this as an exception. They produce content from start to finish, with a risk that is most likely too high to have any lasting existence.

Even though the systems and business models surrounding content creation have been under heavy waves with no end in sight,  the essence of it has never been under threat: storytelling will prosper no matter what.

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