On commenting and moderation in social media platforms

Moderating must be one tough and dirty job. As a moderator you are bound to make huge mistakes as a human being is simply not equipped to get inside the head of another person. What exactly did he mean by that message? Often, sadly, that is not clear even to the sender him/herself.

Most of the problems concerning commenting and moderation would be gone once all the platforms would deploy a credible identity verification for the users. That would magically make the users realize that there might be some consequences from their sayings.

If some platform were to implement such identity verification, all the trolls would quickly move to the platforms where they could still wear their “masks.” Having fun by behaving badly without any imminent threat of being punished for it. So the situation could only be fixed by law. But the platforms don’t want this law to exist, as it would vaporize most of the fake identities from the platforms, thus diminishing their advertising revenue considerably.

And the rulers have an annoying tendency of fixing or answering any problem by blaming the end user, instead of even thinking about how to tweak or change the system. “The system is fine, people are simply too stupid to follow the rules.” The laziest and most demented way to make progress is to invent new laws, demands and restrictions solely to the end users. Maybe this is because the market forces don’t want the systems to be changed, as it would threaten the income flow?

At the moment, anyone can comment anything, hidden behind a username, unfiltered. The result is abysmal. We all know, I’m not even exaggerating. The commenting (in Youtube) in it’s current form is a turd. In other words it is unusable and useless to everyone. The only thing it is able to accomplish is negative feelings: discontent, anger, depression.

The bullies and trolls get to roam free in the field, until they are the only ones in there. The sane people flee and the crazy people are babbling to each other things, only they themselves consider funny. There they are laughing alone in front of the screen, to their own weird “trolls” that no one else bothers to read. Give an a-hole a mask, and he becomes a super-a-hole who thinks he can say and do whatever he wants without suffering any consequences from his actions.

This current state of the Youtube comment section is the worst, but it also is probably the most popular one there is (read: the most lucrative.) as it gives everyone the illusion of getting your voice to be heard. After all, the view or contribution of an a-hole is equally valuable to the advertiser as that of a “nice person.” So moderation would diminish the contributions of a-holes. Lessen the views. Less money. Keeping the things as they are shows that even Google considers it can’t afford to turn down the money of the bullies of the world. What should be excluded and why? That might be irrelevant, as in the free markets world, the only method of moderation that will remain is the one by which most money is being siphoned to the platform. (Money) Numbers don’t lie, other aspects are debatable.

Now, Youtube being essentially a very expensive testing ground, they have implemented these godawful dysfunctional algorithms to make things worse to the content creators. These content sensing algorithms are like the first robots that tried to walk. Those could not take even one small step without falling to the ground.

If someone is still wondering, why the Y platform is not really communicating with the content creators, you could ask: would it be sensible for a doctor (doing animal testing) to communicate with his test subjects? Well no, that would simply create unnecessary interference to the results of the tests. Also, if some tests involve causing pain to the subjects, it is understandable that some distance is being kept with the tester and his subjects.

Some people abuse the word privacy as they want the ability to remain anonymous in the internet. As a slightly off topic example, our health records are being kept hidden. Based on general discussion, this is so that the information could not be used UNFAIRLY, against us by anyone. What is often not said is that this same law also prevents most of the FAIR use of the information. Many cures for many diseases will be significantly delayed, because the access to the information is being denied. We ban the use of a tool with the excuse that someone might misuse it? That doesn’t sound right.

Moderation: to weed off the extremes. Unfortunately some people choose to misunderstand moderation for censorship. The two sides of the coin. Every avid censor considers him/herself to be a mere moderator. Protecting the children of god from harmful thoughts and “trauma.” The problem is that we all see the world differently and have differing ideas on how to make it better.

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