Paywall – an opportunity or a threat?

Hey you, common youtuber! You don’t have the skill, the subs, the time or any other resources to expect people accept your paywall.

For you to have success, your secondary B-content would have to be much better than the competitors best, A-content.

Your B-content would serve as a lure to the audience to pay the fee and get access to your A-content.

Kings gave audiences, and people were grateful for those, simply to spend a short time close to the king. Something to tell to the grand kids. But the last time I checked, you are not a king. Good grief, are you even a member of the nobility?

Either you are one exceptional star, that defies the norms, or you team up with many other good content creators, making the paywall more acceptable, but it would also mean the pay of pennies on the dollar for you.

So, getting little money from blocking a large number of people out, especially the new and potential customers. Not worth it. That money would have too high cost. It would risk things that should not be risked. The acquisition of potential new audience members.

A small number of the biggest stars might consider teaming up, in order to create a “super-lure” which would make sufficient number of people to become paying members, accept the paywall. But we have seen, that consistent teamwork and the creative content creation are a contradiction that should not be combined. (And yes, I know there are few exceptions to this rule.) Collabs work, but only far apart and randomly.

One should do collabs, but like with any spice, don’t overdo it. Don’t make collabs one of your main courses. Or you will end up losing your own channels identity too much.

Another way to put it would be: do one night stands, they´re refreshing! But whenever you start to see the shadow of marriage looming: flee!

The saddest fact seems to be that, it is only after being a content creator yourself, that you start to truly understand that the content:

  1. It doesn’t come into existence by itself.
  2. In fact, it usually takes a hefty amount of time, planning and work to get the content done.
  3. If there is no sufficient compensation for the work – soon there will be no more new content. Other than commercials, that is.

Most people will never even consider of being a content creator themselves, so, by that order, they will never even consider of paying for any content.

Then we, the content creators, start to cry that if you will not pay, soon there will be no other content than commercials in different shapes and forms. Often being these mockups, being seemingly un-commercial.

To that, i’m afraid, the viewer will answer something like: “So what. Who cares who has paid it, as long as it’s not me. Those commercials are more entertaining to watch anyway! After a long day of work, I don’t have the energy to think. All I want, in that short spare time I have, is to be entertained.”

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