Soap opera starring: Platform – Viewer – Creator – Advertiser

Facebook in the beginning: your post reached your friends. That was simply a cool thing to have.

After a while: it was official that your post reached only some of your friends.

Then Facebook announced that as time goes by, it will restrict the reach of your posts with an ever growing force. You don’t have to guess why this is so: to get more space to the paid posts i.e. advertising.

Then you start to wonder, just how bad things have to get so that the card “…but, that’s where everyone is!” is not thrown at you when you criticize Facebook.

What makes me nervous as a content creator is the following:

Youtube pays it’s content creators for successful content, and has been unprofitable it’s whole existence, over 10 years! Vs. The content creator has to pay Facebook to have successful content, and it is making money like crazy!

So the genius of Facebook was to realize that the viewer, the content creator and the advertiser are the same entity. Those roles used to be separate, but now, it seems deadly to hold on to that thought.

A successful Youtubers (Eli the computerguy) channel was deleted with no apparent rhyme or reason. Afterwards his channel was brought back online. All he got was an email: “…sorry for the inconvenience…” To me, that is like WOW! Amazing! Which means I have a lot to learn about the role of the content creator in the modern world. What an eyeopener!

It’s a game of opposing interests. If facebook or youtube becomes too greedy and give too much attention to the advertizers, the userbase moves away. Or does it? The frog in the boiling water comes to mind…

Broadcast Television has done the groundwork for the testing on how far you can push the role of the advertizing vs the content. And that doesn’t bode well for the content creator either.

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