Why the yellow press hates video content?

Short version: They don’t want pay multiple times more money for the production of the content while having no prospects on getting more views as a result. You cant expect a good shoemaker to suddenly start to make  equally good complete suits and still only get the same amount of money as what he got from a pair of shoes.

The owners of the yellow press are not stupid, so they are well aware that their video offerings with terrible playback reliability and sometimes over one minute pre-roll ad’s are simply unwatchable.

This is because they still have a deep rooted wish not to make their content in video form. All data and research proves video is more effective than text. But to the company owners, the video-form is nothing but risk and the unknown being multiplied. Bad for business. They know they do not possess the money, the knowledge, the culture to produce successful video content. 

Froth/nonsense,/drivel is significantly harder to create in video form than it is as text. As it is easier to lie by talking vs. lying (create an artificial narrative) by showing.

Video needs a good script too, but that is only a good start. After that you still have the expensive production and post-production phases with numerous specialists.

The yellow press has the know-how and the team for creating ace text content. They have maximized their success, by honing their skills for decades. Skillful use of decades of research.

Video content? That´s a different thing. For a different company. Would they have the know-how and the resources to create equally successful video content, not even close. They know this, so they don’t even want to try.

To create the same content as text compared to video? Well… the number of staff would have to be quadrupled. Costs would skyrocket.

If everything would go as planned, you would still only get the current maximum of attention that you now get using the text form.

When fear dominates, companies don’t have the courage to invest sufficiently to make success possible: the creation of high quality video content. Failure is pretty much guaranteed.

High quality video production needs know-how, which comes for decades of the culture of video content creation. That does not exist, not in Finland anyway. Nor is any school producing people to that goal in mind.

Video content creation would also require continuous purchases of international video content, with high cost. With text, you simply copy-paste and hide the traces organically by rushing the translation. As Juice Leskinen (Finnish musician) said that he can cover the Beatles as sharply  as he could with no worries as no one would recognize the original source anyway.


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