Get Davinci Resolve 14 and double the performance with two graphics cards!? Well, no. Sorry!

The flashing button indicating the playback frame rate in Davinci Resolve  is showing the performance of the GPU, which is kind of misleading, as it is in fact the CPU that affects the playback the most. Of course the GPU has a key role, as well as the capacity and speed of the RAM and other components.

The way the Resolve utilizes the GPU’s, might be the best in the market, but I had, as a home desktop user, a dream of combining the power of two display cards… Can you use two graphics cards? Yes. Can you make the card work on the same task, i.e. combine the power of two cards? No. I guess the dream would be a videoeditor with an SLI support. I would switch camps in a heartbeat. But the SLI support is weak even on big budget games so, I won’t hold my breath to get it on any videoeditor anytime soon…

In Resolve you’ll have to assign the other graphics card to GUI (displaying) task and the other card (or all the rest of the cards) to GPU (rendering) task.

So, there can be only one GUI/playback card and multiple GPU cards. My hope was to get the maximum bang for the buck i.e. to be able to utilize two cards on both playback (GUI) and rendering (GPU), but I guess that hope was technically impossible from the get go.

If you got the best GPU in the market, and the playback is lacking – your only option still is to transcode. It would be nice to have the option to solve the playback inefficiency with buying more GPU’s rather than the old transcode option.

Yes, I know, you could also solve the case by buying a camera that shoots something more editing friendly, like prores, but that is a another topic…

As I’m writing this, there are only two video in the entire youtube discussing and testing this. And the videos have opposing conclusions: Max Yuryev says if on windows, get the radeon vega 64. Alexander Pikas says in his video that GTX 1080ti is the clear overall winner of the two. They are both pro´s, so this is quite complicated matter, with lot’s of variables. It doesn’t help either that in a month or two our current hardware options are irrelevant. And god knows what changes Resolve is going to get under the hood, a lot in any case.

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