The skills of a videomaker. Part one.

The skill and ability to visualize.

Form a mental image of; imagine.

Make (something) visible to the eye.

But, to do that, firstly, there has to be a spring from which to drink from.

A fountain of substance. Words. Spoken and written.

Two faces of a coin: A visual point of view and an ideological point of view.

You have to have something to say, that gets you halfway.

If you are able to skillfully visualize and storify that message,

you have the power of Jesus (or dynamite) in your hands.

Story is the third element. You have to have the skill to deconstruct your message into elements of a story.

You might have found a message, that resonates with your mind.

Story is the method and tool which makes your message resonate in the mind of your audience.

Story is a seed (or a set of construction elements), that starts to grow/build in the mind of your audience.

The minds of the audience constructs the idea, your original idea, in their own minds, from your story elements.

That may not have identical shape as your original massage, but the essence is the same.

Your audience gets the feeling that they are the origin of the idea.

This makes them spread the idea onwards, afterall, “they got an idea…”

It’s a kind of like a cognitive virus, a religion.

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