Upgrading options on gear are often misleading dreams concocted by the marketing department.

People nag about not having the option to upgrade their gear. But the faster the tech evolves, the more useless the option to upgrade becomes. There are also fewer reasons to fix any tech because everything is progressing so fast

PC gear is often bought with the option of future upgradeability – nowadays that option is rarely realized. I upgraded my display card because my 4k/60fps footage from GH5 was not played back flawlessly in Davinci Resolve 14. The playback was almost glitch-free, and the scrubbing could have been smoother. That was the situation with my GTX 970 card. I was setting my hopes on fixing the playback/scrubbing lag by simply upgrading my GPU. Now I can say that was a no go. 

I bought the full version of Davinci Resolve studio, which promised enhanced utilization of the GPU. This was a no go too. In theory, the GTX 1080 ti is much more powerful than my old GTX 970. Well, it turned out it was not really the case with Davinci Resolve. As I mentioned earlier that the element that has most to do with the playback smoothness is not the GPU as one would initially assume, but it is in fact the CPU.

A solution has been found, though it is simply way too expensive for me at the moment. If I really want to solve my lag problem, I have to buy the AMD Threadripper CPU and an entire system around that.

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